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27 July

License for motviktstruck

To get to drive a fork lift trucks, you must have truckkort b. There are many educators across the country that offer truckutbildning for private persons. Often, truckkort A and B, which except for fork lift trucks at the same time gives you permission for most trucks used in warehouses and terminals. After an approved training, you will receive a truckkort which may help you get a great summer job or quickly enter the labour market. The training usually takes no more than three days and consists of a theoretical part and a practical part, most people choose a course of study approved by the AKB (Transport trade union work and work environment Council).

These courses uses the curriculum developed by AKB (TLP 10) and the instructors you receive must also be certified by AKB. By joining one of AKB approved education you’ll be as good quality as possible with a focus on efficiency and safety. Truckkort B is also the jurisdiction most employers are looking for.

14 June

Standard warehouse


29 November

Motviktstruck and Gaffeltruck

The most common truck


When ordinary people talk about trucks, it is mostly a fork lift trucks they envision themselves. fork lift trucks is the most common type of truck and also called in the spoken language of the forklift. (All forklifts are not counterbalanced, however.) It consists of a frame in which a mute front axle and an oscillating rear axle is mounted. The rear axle on a fork lift trucks are jointed and used to turn the truck. To balance the weight of the truck to be able to manage the use of a counterweight so that not the whole truck tips over. Learn more on min truckutbildning about this. How big this counterweight is depends on what capabilities you want a fork lift trucks should have and each load’s centre of gravity. The counterweight is mounted into the frame, or in some cases used truck’s battery as a counterweight. Motviktstruckens cab, on larger models, are typically placed in the middle of the chassis behind the lifting stand. In lifting the stand runs a hand pallet truck through the forks are mounted. On some forklifts, you can replace the forks against different type of lifting equipment for other needs such as. barrel-clamp, barrel-lifting or lifting hook.


Fork lift trucks are very commonly found in many different activities and are available in many different sizes. It is best suited to be used for less demanding precision work and can not cope with the same job as a fyrvägstruck or a stödbenstruck. Forklifts, forklifts that can handle really heavy loads. They are manufactured in capacities between 1 and 60 tonnes and can have a height of 6.5 m A fork lift trucks is also the only truck that can be equipped with tyres for several substrates and hence be used outdoors. Counterbalanced lift trucks are manufactured using a variety of fuels, electricity, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel and gasoline. There are both three-and four-wheeled counterbalanced trucks. So it is a very versatile truck we’re talking about even though it is not capable of the same precision work like some other trucks. Forklifts are used in the industry. for loading and unloading goods, transport to production lines, stacking, order picking and horizontal transport.
25 August

What LUR is


atlas athlete 1As for truckutbildningar, there is a trade association that works with the quality of the lift training given around the country. Lift Education Council (LUR) is an independent professional body actively working towards increased safety and a good education as possible. They have developed a lift curriculum (LLP) and authorizes all training companies which undertake to follow LLP. In addition, check the that the plan really is. The plan is designed to meet all requirements of the laws and regulations. LLP has been designed in cooperation with the Swedish work environment authority, several trainers, lift contractors and inspection organisations. For those of you who are going to want to get an education, it is a seal of approval to go a lift training authorized by the HANDSET. Then you know that the training meets all requirements and provide you with the highest levels of safety at work. A lift education usually costs about 2000-3000 SEK and are available from several different trainers all over Sweden.

02 March
13 August

About lifteducation pt. 2

During a lift training, participants learn to use mobile platforms in an efficient and secure manner. In this way reduces the risk to you, someone else, or the material you are working with is damaged and the productivity of work is increasing. By joining a lift training, you will learn what are the different types of machines available, how they are structured and what are the requirements for checks and inspections. (read more about skaffa truckkörkort here)  You will also learn what approaches are recommended, which daily supervision is required and what is in the legislation and health and safety regulations. Of course also included a practical part where you get to run different types of lifts under realistic working conditions.
To go a lift training usually takes just one day and wont be divided into half theory and half practical exercises. In order to be eligible to join the training required only that one is 18 years old and have a good knowledge in Swedish. The course concludes with a practical and a theoretical exam. upon completion of the training and exams to get a training certificate indicating that you passed the course and have basic skills in order to run a lift.
14 March

About lifteducation

To run the lift is not just about running a platform up and down, but it takes a real lift training to learn the hidden risks and be able to work in a safe manner. It is often the theoretical knowledge about how and why accidents happen which people can avoid them to go a lift training is therefore a smart choice, if for no other reason than for your personal safety. Get a jurist i göteborg here. There are also laws and regulations requiring that anyone who works with a lift should be well acquainted with the tasks. In other words, you should know what to do when working at heights. In combination with e.g. a truckkort may also increase your opportunities on the labour market. It is also recommended that supervisors and safety representatives can lift training, even if they do not work directly with running the lift.


03 February

Norweigan salaries

Unfortunately, the fact is that not only are wages that are higher in Norway, but also the cost of living. The cost of living, housing, food, and so on is 20-30% more expensive than in Sweden. Compare to a Swedish and a Norwegian family that is the disposable income that is what you have left after taxes, about 35-40% higher for the Norwegian family, but because the cost of living is also higher is the Norwegian family’s purchasing power at the end of the day only 10-15% higher than the Swedish family. Establish yourself in Norway, in the long term, the difference is not as great as one might think. Oh, it is just a myth!
Oh no, don’t despair. For those of you who might want to save for a trip or during a time live with some extra money in your pocket, it is certainly a reality.Ad: find a jurist here. As a Swedish guest worker, you pay tax in Norway and then less than the Norwegians themselves, just over 27%. Choose also to stay cheaply, for example. live in collectives with other Swedes and live-saving for everyday use, it sure to earn good money in the short time that reading in Norway.
In summary, therefore, be said that it is both myth and reality that it is possible to get rich at running truck at warehouses in Norway. Do you think long-term when you take your truckkort, you may as well stay in Sweden but are you adventurous and willing to live easily, it is well worth going truckutbildning to at least temporarily become rich in Norway. Get hårborttagning med hjälp av laser
02 January

Cost of truckkörkort

Maybe you have heard that it is possible to get truckkort with well-paying jobs at warehouses in Norway? If nothing else this information pops up often when looking for information on truckutbildning. Today works almost 150 000 Swedes during one year in Norway. But how is it now? For a while, it was clear the fish, now it’s running truck that will make you rich in our ever-richer neighbour. Is it myth or reality that one can earn a lot of money to run the truck in Norway?
It is difficult to get a steady job as a forklift driver in Norway. The job usually goes to those with experience and mainly to the NorwegiansMost Swedes who take jobs in Norway as a forklift driver works therefore by different agencies. The most common is that it works at grocery and other types of bearings and the hourly wage is then at between 130-160 SEK per hour. That warehouse workers work not 8-5 but the evening and swim occurs always and then apply ob Add-ons that provide about 50% extra. Many also have the option to pick bonus, that is, you get paid more if you are clever and picks more goods. The vast majority will total up to a salary of about $ 3,000, and some even more if they even work overtime. Are you lucky enough to get a solid service is salary according to SCB (central statistical office) of approximately 36 000 kr. Comparing this to a warehouse worker in Sweden earns approximately 21 000 SEK and a Swedish lawyer (4.5 years of university education) approximately 36 000 SEK is the fantastically good.